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Life at Rockman is full of learning, utilizing & honing your skills to achieve higher goals year on year. People here don't hesitate to take up new challenges. There is always an inspiration to deliver great performance linked with personal and organizational development.

Our Employees provide testimonials of how they feel working with Rockman.

Rajneesh Gupta
Rajneesh Gupta, VP- Business Excellence

Rockman is at a threshold of change; in terms of processes and efficiencies. It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of team which has set high standards for themselves, that sets us apart from the competition. As head of business excellence, I find in Rockman, possessing all the ingredients to become a benchmark company one day. The strong intent of promoters, deep rooted passion for excellence of top management, the zeal, limitless capacity of employees to work and to shine through shall make Rockman scale new heights year on year.

Amit Vijay
Amit Vijay, DGM- Strategy

Working with a closely held family organization brings its own challenges, but I found Rockman to be class apart and way above its Industry peers. People here are really enthusiastic and dedicated to their work. You get respect from your colleagues and get ample freedom to take initiatives and take your own decisions. There is no dearth of opportunities to perform and prove yourself. Within few weeks of joining I got chance to attend company’s annual event and see how Rockman people set bold targets for themselves and achieve them as well. Really privileged to be part of such a Winning Team, miles to go!

Pankaj jha
Pankaj Jha, AM Operations

It’s been 2 years that I have been working in Rockman Industries Ltd as Assitant Manager Operations and it has proved to be a good experience for me. Rockman Industries Ltd always takes quality as first with zero compromise in any case. I have been able to develop myself both ‘personally and professionally’. Rockman Industries Ltd is a nice place to work with colleagues and supervisors always ready to provide their support. Rockman Industries Ltd provides various training's to all employees like DISHA , PDCA, 5S Time Management, Goal Setting, These have been of great help in grooming and development.

Garima Tripathi
Garima Tripathi - HR (Haridwar plant)

The work environment in Rockman is extremely positive, transparent and competitive. The organization focuses on bringing out the best in every employee by creating a drive that is fuelled by the willingness to learn, contribute and ‘win’. It truly brings about a learning culture. Freedom to speak & suggest ideas at numerous forums irrespective of experience is another motivating factor. The best thing about Rockman is the leadership and the passion that they carry into transforming the company into a 'World Class Manufacturing'. I feel good to be a part of such a wonderful organization and look forward to continued growth with Rockman.

Jitender Kumar
Mr. Jitender Kumar – HR

I am delighted in the diversity of my work and discovering new roles and processes at Rockman Industry. I thoroughly enjoy working with team in such a collaborative atmosphere. We share our best practices within group and concentrate on expanding our combined knowledge base for assembling cohesive team and focused on caring, teamwork and developing skills and leadership.

Vivek Yadav
Vivek Yadav, Deputy Manager - Business Excellence

The organisation have rich blend of experience and young workforce dedicated to their work. The people at workplace are inspired and show great teamwork. Apart from this learning opportunities are huge at Rockman.

Mohit Jauhari
Mohit Jauhari, Vice President, Purchase

It’s a wonderful experience working with Rockman. This company has it all, Energy, Focus, Vision, Management Drive - and that is amply evident in the Growth Story so far. The Management is very professional and focused on Results as well as the Big Picture. Employees at Rockman get a free hand to implement new ideas. Culture is what sets Rockman apart - as the working atmosphere here is full of Trust & Goodwill - which in turn fosters Teamwork. I am proud to be a part of a Rocking Rockman.

G.S. Sandhu
G.S. Sandhu, HR head, Mangli plant

I joined this organization in 2012 as plant HR Head of its chain plant in Ludhiana and I always feel proud to act as team member of HR transformation journey. Our top leadership stressed on the importance of creating a work environment where employees are happy, which eventually boosts the productivity. Work life balance is appreciable in this company. The Vision, Mission & Values statements of this organization reflect the great value that they attach to its employees.

Mr. Navneet, Associate (serving since last 30 Yrs)

"Working at Rockman is my Family Legacy, My father used to work here and now I. I really enjoy my work & feel proud to be part of such organization."

Arvind Pandey
Mr. Arvind Pandey, Deputy Manager (Staff) (serving since last 12Yrs)

"It’s a great organization with well equipped & latest technology. Also the vision of our management is to take each and every employee in the success journey and also take care of individual’s respect"

Mr. Devender, Office Boy (Associate) (serving since last 22 Yrs)

Individual’s respect & good behavior of Sr. People here at Rockman, motivates me. Also, we get salary on time. I have established my family due to Rockman. It’s a good Organization to work with.

Mr. Harbans, Die Maintenance Sr. Engineer (Staff) (serving since last 35Yrs)

It is a place where people enjoy working

Mr. Anshul, PPC Engineer (Staff)

"It’s a learning organization, lot to learn over here for the beginners."

Suja Parsad
Ms. Suja Parsad, Purchase Assistant Manager (Staff) (serving since last 19 Yrs)

Working with our CMD & ED Sir is just amazing. They guide as a Mentor not as a boss.

Surjeet Singh
Mr. Surjeet Singh, Die Maintenance (serving since last 30 Yrs)

"Working here give peace to my sole - Maan ki shanti."

Mr. Preetam, Civil Sr. Supervisor (Associate) (serving since last 30 Yrs)

My Department has a great team work

Praveen Sharma
प्रवीण शर्मा, इंजीनियर, पेण्ट शॉप

"यह बताते हुए मुझे गर्व का अनुभव हो रहा है कि रॉकमैन इण्डस्ट्रीज लिमिटेड संगठन वर्तमान औद्योगिक जगत में न केवल उत्तम गुणवत्ता व मात्रात्मकता का प्रतीक है बल्कि तीव्र गति से प्रगतिशील एक ऐसा संगठन है जिसमें प्रत्येक व्यक्ति अत्याधुनिक तकनीकी की सहायता से कुछ नवीन सीखने के साथ-साथ सुगमतापूर्वक सुरक्षित,स्वस्थय एवं पारिवारिक वातावरण मॆं अपने सपनों की बुलंदियों कॊ प्राप्त कर सकता है"


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