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Map of India Location of Rockan in Indian Map

Ludhiana Plant of Rockman

Ludhiana - Aluminum Casting (HPDC), Machining, Assembly, Painting

Mangli Plant of Rockman

Mangli (Drive, cam and starter chain manufacturing)

Haridwar Plant of Rockman

Haridwar - Aluminum Casting (HPDC, LPDC, GDC), Machining, Assembly, Painting, Alloy Wheels (GDC)

Halol & Tirupati - Upcoming Plants

Corporate Office of Rockman

Surat - Carbon Fibre composite parts for motorsports and other application

Rockman Chennai

Chennai- Aluminum Casting (HPDC), Machining

Bawal Plant of Rockman

Bawal - Aluminum Casting (HPDC), Machining, Assembly, Painting, Alloy Wheels (GDC)


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