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Proud to announce that our #csrinitiative Mission Parivartan Team have distributed sanitary pad napkins to women and adolescent girls in villages around Bawal. This is a huge #success for the team as they were trying to do this for sometime but were unable to due to social stigma surrounding issues like #womenhealth & #hygiene, which are largely governed by taboo and misinformation.
Two years back “Mahila Shakti shop” was established in the village run by a group of #women exclusively for women for disbursement of information and material. Due to this, women in these villages are becoming aware and have become comfortable to discuss these issues.
This is just the beginning as awareness improves most women around these villages would be able to take better care of their #health by utilising resources available through this shop.
#Congratulations to the team for their first success and best of luck for future endeavours!
Akhilesh Dimri Saurabh Bhargava Pradeep Kumar Rahul Sarin Kaushik Manna Arunima Mohanty Manzar Abbas Jaideep Kotnis

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